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DDR Museum

Fantastic museum which gives a glimpse into life in the former East German State. Lots of hands on exploring and learning. Needless to say kids and teens love it, but I was impressed how many adults enjoyed it as well.

We thought 2 hours would be enough but we spent over 4 hours.

Really cleans free toilets.

Super fast free wifi (perfect for digital nomads) 37up 75downParking was a challenge.

The parking garage by the museum was closed. We parked about a 10 minute walk away for about 14 euro ( https://maps.app.goo.gl/12QSsfWp3YGeEUDd6)

I recommend using an app like EasyPark rather than paying the parking meter. This allows one to extend the parking from the phone. It also allows us to stop the parking meter when we leave, charging us only for the minutes actually used.

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